UNLIMIT Tracksense

Solution for Cold Chain Logistics

Monitor, control and configure your cold storage vehicle.

Why your Cold Storage Vehicle needs it

Cold chain vehicles with cooling systems are required to adhere to certain temperatures, parameters and QoS compliance. Also, monitoring of similar factors becomes an problem when vehicles move out of coverage area and lose connectivity. This can lead to damage of stored material and sometimes may void the compliance. Hence it is utmost important that a cold storage vehicle/s is monitored round-the-clock.

This is where IoT Remote Cold Chain Solutions comes in.

It helps to remotely control and monitor temperature, door usage behavior, fleet geo-location, and also generate reports as per compliance requirements.


Irregular monitoring & controlling of temperature of a cold chain vehicle leading to QoS Compliance failure and damage of material

Fluctuation of temperature inside the chamber due to regular door opening leading to problems

Failure to geolocate fleet due to connectivity issues

Failure to generate reports as per compliance requirements


UNLIMIT Tracksense is an end-to-end Remote Cold Chain Logistics Solution that enables the monitoring of cold chain vehicle fleet installed with cooling systems.

• Monitor parameters through gateway-connected temperature sensor
• Track fleet location, speed and number of stops through built-in GPS
• Allow alteration of cabin temperature and other parameters through controller integrated platform
• Easy to configure. Easy to train
• Allow remote updating of truck’s configurations

• Upload data to cloud through GPRS enabled gateway
• Flash memory and SD card storage options for zero data loss in case the trucks move out of coverage area
• Allow configuration of SMS Alerts and Calls for selected parameters exceeding accepted range
• Allow generation of Periodic reports which can be shared with the end clients


Better product quality and safeguarding.

Better product consistency

Reduction in product spoilage.

Reduction in operational cost by reduced re-shipping.

Lower downtime with easier maintenance.

Wider geographic coverage
Solution offers cloud based platform that provides access to real-time data.
The platform offers necessary APIs for data integration across mobile application and web-interfaces.


  • Activity Logs
  • Graphs
  • Incident logging system
  • Route history with durations
  • Machine Parameters, Temperature, Door Sensor tracking
  • Machine Parameters, Temperature, Door Sensor tracking


  • Serial Production
  • Delivery HW Shipment
  • Installation
  • Route history with duration
  • Repair
  • Replacement