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Unlimit’s team of industry leading experts and designers use technology, data and science to develop and deliver complex and bespoke solutions. We specialise in sectors like Industry 4.0, Connected Vehicles, Supply Chain, Big data to name a few but our more than capable of creating solution for other sectors as well. Our Unlimit Xplore services are designed to assist clients as they reimagine their online presence, business processes and overall impact in their specific business domain helping them become industry leaders. Since most of the work is done by in-house specialist, our customers have a real time visibility to the progress of their projects and can be a part of our delivery team in order to be a part of our timely and first time right policy of special project delivery.

For example, as an IoT specialist, our joint ideation exercise with our Energy & Utilities customer was very precise and exhaustive. The goal was to develop an energy distribution system that is reliable and has no unintended impact on the upstream and downstream network. The transformer monitoring solution should monitor critical sensor data and energy meter data of a distributor in real-time and send alerts and notifications in case of any threshold violations. Post the ideation phase, we simulate different scenarios along with ROI models to help them choose the best option. Our solution included designing a customized industrial grade hardware device that captures various sensor data and energy meter data from the transformer.  It results in tangible business benefits along with creating awareness about our customers in the market. Unlimit Xplore offers a full suite of services and can be customised as per your requirement.

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