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Fulfilling the significant need of a secure and seamless automation of real-time vehicle telematics information, Unlimit UBI comes as a breakthrough solution to track and assess driver’s behavior, accurate vehicle geo spotting, and other valuable information about moving assets. Know your vehicles’ health and drivers’ driving habits to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Industry Insights

  • India – Third largest globally and the world’s seventh largest commercial vehicle manufacturer
  • Large-scale government-initiated plans
    • Connected Cars Mission Plan (2016-26) targets 4x growth
    • Reforms like GST to help boost the sector’s growth
  • Changing face of mobility infrastructure
  • Disruptive impact of technology
    • On vehicles (e.g. electric, driverless, connected)
    • On supply chain and operations (digitalization, robotics, 3-D printing)
    • On business models (e.g. mobility as a service, vehicle sharing)

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) offers customized insurance products to clients based on their driving behavior and provide other value adds

, Unlimit UBI
, Unlimit UBI
, Unlimit UBI

Industry Challenges

The automotive insurance industry traditionally has relied on complex mathematical and statistical actuarial models in an attempt to simulate real world causal risk factors. The objective was to overcome the constraints of a system that relied, in large part, on the veracity of information provided after-the-fact by policyholders – such as accident reporting, driving habits and usage. Such an approach has led to insurance companies offering standard insurance products to everyone without taking into consideration individual driving behavior and risk profile. Further this doesn’t give insurance companies many insights about how much value a customer has for the them and how attractive the customer is for the company in terms of customer life time value for the insurance provider.

Unlimit Solutions

With the advent of mainstream telemetry systems, the insurance industry can utilize the real time vehicle telematics information for analyzing the driving behavior and hence the risk profile for a vehicle. This empowers them to design the product offerings tailored to the individual profiles of customers, and hence retain the customers with high customer life time value.

Unlimit Insure captures the real time driving behaviour with the help of OBD-II device installed in the vehicles.
The solution works as follows:

, Unlimit UBI


, Unlimit UBI

Reduce Risk for Insurer

  • Better risk profiling of drivers
  • Estimate accident damages
  • Reduce frauds
, Unlimit UBI

Value Addition

  • Reduce vehicle theft incidents
  • Optimize maintenance cost
  • Provide vehicle insights etc.
, Unlimit UBI

Incentivise Customers

  • Provides better cost control
  • Reward for safe drivers
, Unlimit UBI

Improve public safety

  • Encourage safe driving
  • Adhere to road safety

Technical Architecture

, Unlimit UBI

Device Details

, Unlimit UBI
  • MT6260 Chipset
  • 8 MB Solid State Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 Year data retention
  • Motion Sensor – 3 Axis accelerometer
  • Internal backup battery
  • Supports SIM card: 1.8V and 3V Micro SIM
  • Quad – Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS: Class 10 Coding Scheme CS1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz) to CS4 (2W @ 850/900MHz)
  • SMS (text)
  • GPRS multi-slot class 12/10
  • GPS: 66 search channel acquisition -/22 simultaneous tracking channels.
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm, inbuilt patch antenna.
  • 5 Meters Accuracy @ -130 dBm.
  • CAN
  • K-Line [KWP]
  • LEDs Indicating device status
Record Storage Buffer
  • Up to 10000 tracking records [May vary based on configuration and parameter chosen]
Mechanical Details
  • Dimensions (mm X mm X mm) — 55 X 53 X 30
  • Weight — 120 Gram
  • Enclosure — 30% Glass Filled PA6 Casing
Operating Conditions
  • Operating temperature : -10 °C to +60°C
  • Storage temperature :- 10°C to +85°C [Without Battery]
  • Humidity: 95% Non-condensing

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