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It is the future of cold chain logistics. It’s the future we are creating today.

Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics

Track and manage cold storage vehicles seamlessly

According to Statista, over USD 18 billion were earned as logistic revenue from food and bio-pharmaceutical products in 2017 alone. Cold chain logistics plays a key role in managing the transportation of products from origin to destination under strict pre-defined QoS compliance for refrigeration. While express delivery companies are the backbone of transportation, cold chain tracking system can provide better insights about the vehicles and assets involved.

Unlimit Tracksense ensures extended shelf-life for preserving temperature-sensitive products such as seafood, beverages, vegetables, fruits, and pharmaceutical drugs. Refrigerated trucks, wagons, and cargo containers can have real-time information about the products being transported along with their exact geo-location.

Unlimit Tracksense is powered by the contemporary technology of IoT, Blockchain, and accurate analytics to improve product lifespan, maintain quality, and provide safety.

Industry Challenges

Only vehicles are tracked, perishable goods are not
Faces tracking issues due to poor connectivity and inefficient tools
Improper route adherence and failure of QoS compliance
Failure to maintain the required temperature throughout the journey

UNLIMIT Tracksense Solution

Woven with the latest tracking and monitoring system, UNLIMIT Tracksense provides a bespoke solution to cold chain logistics as it’s connected to both vehicle and the good carried. You can get accurate operational visibility for cold chain products and assets.

  • Specially engineered gateway-connected temperature sensor to monitor various parameters
  • In-built GPS to provide you with an accurate location, number of stops, and the speed of the vehicles
  • Controller integrated platform to keep up the parameters and maintain cabin temperature
  • Easy to deploy, smooth to navigate, and simple to operate the cold-chain tracking system
  • Remote updating of the configurations of the vehicles is made possible
  • Deploy enormous amount of data on the cloud through GPRS enabled gateway
  • Never lose data even when the vehicles goes out of coverage areas. It is supported by external data storage devices
  • Set customized parameters and triggering of notifications through SMSes or alert calls
  • Automatized report generation for you and also for your clients

Product Features

You can offer your clients the best user-experience by automatizing the services of transportation and logistics. You can get an optimum result by deploying UNLIMIT Tracksense, one of a kind asset tracking solution.

Improved product with tightened security

Marked reduction in re-shipping; less operational costs

Better product consistency

Have your system up and running 24/7

Reduced chances of getting products perished

Wider geographic area for better geo-fencing

Technical Architecture

Report Analysis

Activity Logs


Incident logging system

Route history with durations

Machine Parameters, Temperature, Door Sensor tracking

Post Delivery Support Activity

Serial Production

Deliver Hardware Shipment




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