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It is the future of vehicle monitoring. It’s the future we are creating today.

Unlimit Trackfleet

Rewards-driven Fleet Tracking that Drivers Love.

It’s not one thing, it’s everything — from instant-install OBD plug-in devices to cloud-based software designed with smartphone apps in mind. Unlimit’s GPS fleet tracking solution is driving down accidents by up to 70 percent with the only Driver Rewards program of its kind. Vehicle data, captured up to 10 times more frequently than anyone else, is processed using Unlimit’s Trackfleet Platform which is equipped with advanced machine learning and AI capabilities. Our customers benefit by deriving meaningful insights on safety and efficiency.

Make drivers and vehicles more productive. Mitigate risks and hit your performance numbers while ensuring customer loyalty. And by turning safe driving habits into a contest, give drivers and your safety compliance team plenty to celebrate.

Industry Challenges

, Unlimit Trackfleet
Rising fuel costs
, Unlimit Trackfleet
Repairs and insurance
, Unlimit Trackfleet
Driver behaviour and safety
, Unlimit Trackfleet
Solutions from long punishing contracts

Unlimit Trackfleet Solutions

Get a permanent solution with just one time device investment. Based on SaaS solution, you need to pay minimal monthly subscription to keep your system up and running. It is a self-installed solution easy to operate and navigate. OBD II Datalogger gathers data from various ports such as car’s OBD for vehicle’s whereabouts; and, driver’s behaviour data from onboard sensors.

The collected information is then transferred to the clouds through a cellular network. On the other hand, the credentials are provided to the concerned authorities to track vehicle geo-location, get accurate reports, and alerts or notifications of the triggered events. A highly scalable architecture of Unlimit’s products is geographically dispersed and therefore, it delivers accurate results through its contemporary technology.

The products have proved their efficiency in any-size network and complexity. Furthermore, omnipotent APIs and detailed documentation have made the system easy to integrate into any existing system, back-office or ERP irrespective of their complexity.


, Unlimit Trackfleet

Immediate & Sizable Savings

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Service Enhancements

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Shorter ROI

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Improved Driver Safety

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Improved Reporting & Elimination of Employee Fraud

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Longer Vehicle Life Spans

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Labour cost reduction

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Fuel & Maintenance Cost Management

Value Proposition

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Life Time Warranty

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Free replacement for Manufacturing defects

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Driver Score & Rewards

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Plug and Play solution

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Track update at the speed of less than 2 Minutes

, Unlimit Trackfleet

Self-installation – no cost, no operational disruptions.

Technical Architecture

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Post delivery Support Activity

Serial Production

Deliver Hardware Shipment




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