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Why your Remote Solar Plant needs it

Solar Plants that are situated in remote locations face unique challenges. The performance is affected by various factors such as connectivity issues, weather conditions, terrain etc. If not monitored properly, this can lead to additional overhead costs and sometimes failure of the plant. Hence it is of utmost importance that the health and functioning of the plant is monitored round-the-clock with fast and effective decision-making capability.

This is where IoT Remote Monitoring Systems come in. It helps in real-time plant monitoring, bridges the information gap and helps receive seamless updates about the plant’s performance through cloud-based web and mobile apps.

Industry Challenges

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Lack of adept means to receive regular and specific information about plant’s performance
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Inconsistent monitoring of Solar PV system’s health due to plant’s remote location
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Limited knowledge regarding weather condition and terrain leading to personnel mobility issues and improper diagnosis

Unlimit Solutions for Solar

With cloud-based IoT technology, Unlimit Solar uses powerful sensors to get you the solar panel’s technical and financial whereabouts accurately. The real-time diagnosis and fault detection can help you fix the problem of system failure or under performance.

  • A blended result from the individual inverter, energy meter, and weather station
  • Accurate monitoring of energy generation and temperature
  • Virtually unlimited storage on a cloud server to access data from anywhere
  • Privacy and security guaranteed; password-protected system
  • Ergonomically designed UI for the best user experience
  • Instant notifications and alert about system minor to major faults
  • Multi-level escalation of alarms and alerts through SMS or emails

Product Features

Unlimit Remote Solar Plant Monitoring Solution is an end-to-end solution for monitoring solar plants set-up at remote locations. The solution is composed of wireless devices and appropriate sensors which capture real-time data onto Unlimit’s Cloud-based IoT platform.

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Captures data from Individual Inverters, Energy Meter, Weather Station etc.

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Monitors various parameters i.e. Energy Generation, Temperature etc.

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Transfers and stores collected information on the cloud server

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Password protected Cloud application

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Rich visualization of Solar Plant‘s performance for the end –user

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Real-time analytics and diagnostics about the plant

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Alarm notifications by mail/SMS with multi-level escalation

Technical Architecture

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Report Analytics

Performance Ratio

Energy Generation Report

Zone-wise Energy Generation

Weather Report

Overall Portfolio

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