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Keep the ultimate check on manufacturing

The manufacturing unit is the backbone of any industry where quality control of finished product is of paramount importance. While it requires cent per cent accuracy, any ignorance on flaw or dent detection would cost significant money to the company.

Unlimit’s Ocupro inspection solution instantly picks any malfunction across the network and throws an error. Automating the process makes it possible to monitor large-scale industry where manual inspection is not feasible. Our solution addresses all the above challenges.

Industry Challenges

For a successful manufacturing enterprise, a smart manufacturing model is mandatory as it caters to predefined business objectives. The model should be viable and adhere to the protocols defined. To execute such a model and reap the benefits in a specific timeframe, the implementation of business logic is of paramount importance. Unlimit meets all the above challenges.

, Unlimit Ocupro
Dependency on manual inspection.
, Unlimit Ocupro
False Reports / Rejection
, Unlimit Ocupro
Varied Ambient Lighting condition
, Unlimit Ocupro
Inability to identify minute defects
, Unlimit Ocupro
Inspection challenge for High Speed & larger volumes

Unlimit Solutions

Unlimit Ocupro Solution instantly renders foolproof verification of the products with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, the log of the faults is saved with a time stamp so that it is easy to rectify during the audit of the systems.

In addition, the control mechanism can be further augmented by integrating new feature that helps remove unintended or damaged part from a healthy or proved block.


, Unlimit Ocupro

Less waste and an increase in overall profits

, Unlimit Ocupro

Inspection time reduction

, Unlimit Ocupro

Overall Cost reduction via Visual quality inspection

, Unlimit Ocupro

Very low maintenance cost and handling charges

, Unlimit Ocupro

Higher ROI in longer run

Value Proposition

, Unlimit Ocupro

Remote programming & monitoring ability

, Unlimit Ocupro

Closed loop control with maximum accuracy

, Unlimit Ocupro

Plenty of data saving and fetching

, Unlimit Ocupro

24 Hours availability without failure

, Unlimit Ocupro

Consistency in inspection

Technical Architecture

, Unlimit Ocupro

High Resolution Camera

, Unlimit Ocupro
General Specs. Sr. No. Product Description Details (As per the requirement)
1 Dimensions Depends on the Model Selected
2 Connectivity GigE/ USB 3.0/ Camera Link
3 Frame rate 120, 90, 60, 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
4 Dynamic range 8 / 12 bit
5 Sensor specification CCD / CMOS
6 Type Global / Rolling
7 Resolution 0.3 MP to 20 MP
8 Lens mount C/CS


, Unlimit Ocupro
General Specs. Sr. No. Product Description Details
1 Focal Length 4.5mm/6mm/8mm/12mm/16mm/25mm/35mm/ 50mm/75mm and more…
2 Resolution 2.0 MP/ 5.0MP/ etc.
3 Focus Manual Focus / Auto Focus


, Unlimit Ocupro
General Specs. Sr. No. Product Description Details
1 IP Rating IP65/ other
2 Lighting Color Cool White / Red/ Blue/ Green / IR / UV
3 Lighting Type BAR Light/ Diffused Back Light/ Dom Light/ Co-axial Light/ Ring Light / etc.
4 Lifecycle 60,000 hrs
5 Dimension Length Depends on the requirement and model

Product/Solution Ecosystem

It is the totally customized solution according to different application and products.
This system includes the following hardware:

  • High-Resolution Ethernet Camera
  • Mega-Pixel Vision Optics
  • High-Intensity Illumination
  • Vision Controller (High Configured Computer System)
  • Sensors
  • Air / Piston based Rejection System
  • Cloud Platform
  • The software follows predefined criteria for its every action.
  • The moving objects on the conveyor belt can be photographed using a high-end camera, optics, illumination, and sensors. The image is then sent to the controller
  • The tailor-made software scans to inspect the image of the product or object and matches it with a predefined set of protocols
  • In case of failure to comply with the protocols, the software throws a signal of rejection
  • Meanwhile, the software keeps up the data of an image and its defect in production report to analyse it further and leave the scope of improvement
  • Depending on weight and dimension of a product, the rejection system is air piston based
  • All the reports of success or failure are stored on the cloud, and they can be integrated with the OEE platform to assure the quality

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