Unlimit Control

Big Data, Analytics, AI &
Cognitive Learning Platform

Validate, Forecast & Optimize Your Business


The last year has shown that artificial intelligence is here to stay. It will inevitably disrupt virtually each and every business model. With Unlimit Insights, you can explore the potential of Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Unlimit Insights allows you to anticipate & pre-empt disruptions, detect liabilities & mitigate risk and easily transform your business.
Artificial Intelligence
Range of techniques including natural language processing, knowledge, reasoning and planning, for advanced tasks.
Cognitive Computing
Interactive decision-making and reasoning over deep domain models and evidence- based explanations, using Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning tools.
Machine Learning
Statistical analysis for pattern recognition to make data-driven predictions.
unlimit control
Redefine business models based on the insights
Monetize data through asset-based online marketplaces
Garner new revenue from existing products and services
unlimit control
Gain new levels of visibility
Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to spotlight hidden costs
Optimize performance, empower employees and reduce costs
unlimit control
Achieve new levels of customer engagement by gaining feedback throughout the product lifecycle
unlimit control
24/7 Technical Support available for customers on top of self-management functionalities provided by the platform