Device & Application Management Platform

Build, Develop and Deploy Smart Connected Solutions


In the IoT space, connecting and managing devices is usually a time consuming and a challenging process. With Unlimit Enablement, you can easily connect any device over any network. With our solution, you can start your IoT project today since we have over 100 certified and pre-integrated devices.


Unlimit Enablement allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept of your connected devices and thus rapidly scale your deployment. Our platform enables data to be processed in real-time, based on your real world business rules, configurable in minutes.

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Graphically assemble your own applications from a range of plugins with Unlimit Enablement Application Builder
Use the point-and-click interface of Rule Engine to create operationally relevant smart rules like – Send me an email if a machine is down for 60 minutes
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Highly scalable cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructure
Highly secure and encrypted device communication
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Use advanced dashboards and visualization capabilities with the Cockpit App to create customized user interfaces for different needs
No development needed, just configure and use
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24/7 Technical Support available for customers on top of self-management functionalities provided by the platform