Unlimit Control

Connections Management Platform

Connect Reliably, Securely & Cost-efficiently


Every enterprise has a unique model of using connected services to create new experiences, get closer to customers and grow the bottom line.

Unlimit Control can be customized to support any type of device deployment and network usage models so that you can tailor the implementation of device connectivity to your specific goals.


Efficiently manage your entire enterprise centrally, control your device usage, reduce your costs, automate your operations and scale your business – these are the concerns that Unlimit Control can address. Our self service portal provides all of the tools to efficiently and profitably transform your enterprise into a connected device business.

unlimit control
Adapted pricing: to suit needs of different industries, company sizes and businesses
Off-the-shelf packages are recommended for small and medium enterprises
Tailor-made plans are more suitable for larger accounts
unlimit control
Complete dashboards give your business end-to-end oversight over your connected device operations
Try it today: Get instant, hands-on experience with the power of Unlimit Control
unlimit control
Unlimit Control provides real-time connection, feeds, service diagnostics, and extraordinary automation options to enable unparalleled visibility and control
unlimit control
24/7 technical support: Full support available for customers on top of self-management functionalities provided by the platform

Unlimit Control

Get instant, hands-on experience with the power of Unlimit Control Order.

This kit gives you the visibility to analyze and strategically manage your connected devices to grow and improve your business.

The Starter Kit provides you with the following:

• 3 months of full access to Unlimit Control
• 3 test SIM cards – each with 100 MB and 50 SMS per month