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Research & Development

Unlimit’s earnest effort is to build a bridge between the real and virtual world and to develop dynamic global network infrastructure based on standard and interoperable communication protocol which has self-configuring abilities.

The veteran experts at our state-of-art data science and IoT device laboratories are all eyes and ears when it comes to the latest update in the market. Our researchers are equipped with licensed tools to experiment and come up with internationally acclaimed IoT solutions.

Research Focus Areas

We aim to make compliance plans without compromising on quality. In addition, the domain experts brilliantly manage projects with the optimum use of resources.

We adopt the best practices to make a project successful as the consistency and coherence improve the overall software development lifecycle.

Our technology experts write minimum code with maximum output to keep complexity at bay. Such a practice results in optimum uptime of IoT assets, and it also makes the product light.

The mainstays of our customized solutions are innovative ideas, unparalleled quality, and contemporary technology. We carefully integrate the trio within the constraints of timeframe, budget, and feasibility of the project.


Stay competitive with our customized embedded systems, wireless sensors, control panels, automated processes forming powerfully interconnected IoT.

Improved TTM (Time to Market)

There is a grave need to reach the breakeven point and start making a profit quickly; Unlimit can rapidly develop and deliver a solution that supports your business vision and mission.

Unmatched Quality

With Unlimit at the helm, you are assured of getting a tailored solution that converges multiple technologies to form a new dimension of services by improving the quality of the products and productivity of an enterprise.


Our techies are always on standby mode to assist you with any query. The response time is minimized to keep your business up and running; you can certainly bank on our client support team of experts even for a trivial escalation

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