22 Nov 2019

Ensuring faster execution of Industrial IoT Solutions for manufacturing,automobile and supply-chain sectors

Mumbai: Nov. 22, 2019: Unlimit, one of the leading IoT service providers in India, part of Reliance ADA Group announced the launch of the IoT platform for Industry 4.0 – Unlimit OmniP. This platform connects devices, systems and processes to drive the digital transformation of manufacturing setup. It also enables companies to harness the power of big data, analytics and AI to drive outcomes that help them in maximising their profitability.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Jürgen Hase, CEO, Unlimit, said “Now IoT solutions involve larger ecosystems of devices and are getting inevitably more complex and dynamic. To further enhance the capabilities of an organization, IoT platform is the new wheel in the system. With our new industrial IoT platform – Unlimit OmniP, we not only intend to efficiently manage the entire enterprise centrally, but also manage data consumption, reduce cost, provide real-time insights, and effortlessly scale up their business.”

Unlimit OmniP is an end-to-end Industrial IoT Platform that empowers organizations to rapidly implement innovative, smart and connected IoT solutions. The platform offers the following key benefits:

  • Analyses complex industrial IoT through analytics services and complex industrial device connectivity
  • AR experiences, mashup and composer for visualization through access from multiple data sources
  • Manage real-time performance of connected devices, processes, systems and suggestive corrective actions to reduce breakdowns
  • Agility and flexibility in solution deployment across plants and geographies

Unlimit has transformed digital infrastructure of many enterprises through its disruptive IoT products and solutions. With an aim to bring a wide range of integration capabilities, Unlimit is investing its resources in enterprise applications, systems, and cloud technologies.  The company is also coming up with bespoke solutions powered by Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain and Cognitive Computing which will have the potential to unlock new revenue sources in unprecedented ways.